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Love Your Job... Work at Healing Hands Massage 

Your Career in Massage Therapy deserves the honor and respect fitting this Professional field.  The profound difference you make in client's lives is an amazing benefit we acknowledge and understand at Healing Hands Massage. 

Free Massage - when you start with us,  our experienced staff will be giving you free massage as a way to welcome you to the team,  give you much needed TLC, and has proven to be a great tool in refining skills.

- Better Pay - your rate of pay with us is higher than most places, and reflects the true value of the service you provide.  We also pay more for deep pressure massage, years of experience, and have bonuses and incentives.

- Choose How Much You Work - massage is physical work, and we understand everyone has a different stamina level.  Here you control how many massages you do in a day, as well as the hours and time of day.

- Flexible Schedule - need a full time or part time job?  You can customize your schedule to suit your needs.

- Build Clientele - you'll have the opportunity to sit with your clients after each session to build a business within our business.  This also gives you a much needed break between appointments. 

- Now make $50/hr for On-site Chair Massage !


Our unique setup as an independent contractorship gives you more time and opportunity to focus on doing what you love most.  Make a great living building regular, repeat clientele and a long term career through our business - part time, or full time. Let us take care of the advertising, expenses and hassles of ownership while you focus on taking care of your clients.  

Discover why most of our staff of over 30 therapists have been with us for at least 5 years, up to 10, 15 years or more!  We see over 500 clients company-wide per week and this number is growing.  We regularly turn down massages because we often just don't have enough coverage to meet demand.  These are clients YOU could be seeing!! Here's what some of our therapists have to say about working for Healing Hands-

"I've been with Healing Hands Massage for over 15 years.  I know I couldn't find a better place to work doing massage."

"Healing Hands Massage offers me much better pay, and a flexible schedule, along with choosing how many massages I want to do in a day.  Compared to the other massage places around, this just feels like the best fit."

"Healing Hands Massage has been in business for over 20 years.  The owners are massage therapists.  They understand and appreciate the therapist point of view."

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Employment at Healing Hands Massage