Here at Healing Hands, you'll notice our menu of services is divided into 30, 60, or 90 minute sessions of  two main types  - Therapeutic Relaxation, and Deep Tissue Massage.....along with also offering Pregnancy Massage.  This allows our therapists to use a combination of various therapeutic massage techniques, instead of just a specific menu item technique, to achieve your desired wellness result.  So which session should you choose?  Ultimately it's based on your individual goals and needs for your session.

If you're interested most in de-stressing and experiencing more of an overall relaxation throughout general areas of the body; if you need only a minimal amount of time focused on specific problem areas; and you prefer firm rather than very heavy handed pressure throughout your session, than the Therapeutic Relaxation is right for you.  This will reduce minor aches and pains throughout your body while giving an overall feeling of relaxation.  This session is also a good place to start if you are new to massage therapy.  Pricing is lower for this session, since Swedish (relaxation) massage strokes require less wear and tear on a therapist's hands, and don't involve as many advanced techniques.

If you have health conditions or problem areas that require a lot of focus, which will involve using advanced massage techniques; and/or if you prefer a very heavy hand, then you should consider upgrading to a Deep Tissue massage.  Using these advanced techniques requires a higher skill and education level, as well as more wear and tear on a therapist's hands; so is priced a little higher than our Relaxation massage. However this type of session is highly effective in achieving the goal of reducing pain and spasms, rather than just providing a relaxing effect.  Although any session with us would involve both relaxation and *some* deep tissue strokes, if the majority of the massage is spent focusing on problem areas, a Deep Tissue session is your best choice.  Clients that are looking for or used to getting Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, or Trigger Point Therapy, to name a few, would benefit most from booking this type of session.

 At times we find clients may be hesitant to ask for Deep Tissue because they are afraid that it will hurt....but  keep in mind is that "Deep Tissue" doesn't *necessarily* mean "deep pressure".  Think of it more as the type of technique used, rather than being all about the hand strength.  Be sure to share any concerns you have with your therapist at anytime, before and during your sessions. Although post-massage soreness can potentially occur with ANY session chosen, depending on how frequently you receive massage, our therapists will work within your tolerance level to be sure the pressure during your session is working for you, not against you.  Whether you choose a Therapeutic Relaxation or Deep Tissue massage, ultimately we just want to be sure the pressure is right for you.

If you're still unsure as to which session is better suited for you, talk to your therapist!  They can discuss your particular needs during their pre-session evaluation, and recommend what would benefit you most.  Schedule an appointment with one of our skilled, dedicated Licensed Massage Therapists today!