The massage industry has certainly grown - in the last decade, especially.  As a potential massage client, you have many choices in today's marketplace. In considering Healing Hands, you'll find our network of massage therapy practitioners unique in many ways.

Rather than diversify our services into facials, wraps, and so on, and rely on selling products as many "spas" and other providers do, our focus throughout the years has remained on ONE goal- providing THE BEST hands-on massage therapy treatment sessions for our clients, with an emphasis on health and well-being.  This singular focus has enabled us to individually meet each client's needs and goals, building long-term relationships that support their health and wellness routine on an on-going basis.

We also strive to make connections within the communities we serve.  We welcome clients of all ages and walks of life, with discount options to fit any budget.  We are proud to offer Seniors and Veterans a discount when booking within Monday- Thursday daytime hours. Our VIP discounts are great for those who are big into fitness and athletic performance and need frequent massages; those who are struggling with chronic pain or health conditions; as well as couples and families who like to share the relaxation and stress relieving benefits. We regularly provide chair massage at community events; as well as offer corporate chair membership programs so employers can bring the benefits to their staff on-site. 

Most importantly, when you book a massage with us, we dedicate our time to you.  The 30, 60, or 90 minutes of massage therapy you have booked is your "table time".  It does not include your evaluations or time to get ready before and after sessions, which we allow extra time for.  We believe it's important to establish connections with our clients, and that relaxation time shouldn't feel "rushed". We also provide increased value by offering complementary aromatherapy and organic products in addition to heated tables during each session.  We want to be sure we are providing you with the best experience possible, in every way.

See for yourself the difference here at Healing Hands Massage.  Book your appointment today!